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PROJECT NAME : Qanteer –waste water treatment plant – Sharkia.     


Client : Water &wastewater company in Sharkya + European investment bank    . 


DATE : 2019 



Design & construction of wastewater treatment plant with capacity of (10000m3/day) first stage and 15000 second stage complete works with all civil, electromechanically works and operate for one year:  


Mechanical &mechanical screen, grit removal, flowmeter chamber  

Two primary sedimentation tanks  

Two biological tanks  

Two final sedimentation tanks  

24 drying bed  

Two thickener 

Pumping station for primary sludge excess and return slug pump and supernatant pump  

Firefighting system  

Chlorination system 

PROJECT NAME : Gharbia Sewer Networks for Qotor 3 district, Beltag village, Gharbia Government. 


Client: Water &wastewater company in elghrbia  


DATE: 2017  


Description: Sanitary Sewer Networks. 

Project includes the following; 

Gravity Sewage Networks, Force main line, one Pump Station and Tunnel Crossing. 

Gravity Sewage Networks: 

UPVC Pipes 

Depth range: 0 to 6.5 m  

Diameter range from 225 mm to 630 mm with total length of 27,728 m. 


Force main line: 

HDPE Pipes. 

Dim 400 mm &Length = 1,400 m. 

Pump Station: 

One pump station, Depth range:10 m, Internal Diameter range 5 m with total capacities 195 l/s 

Supply and install all electromechanical equipment (Pumps, Cranes, Screening Facilities, Ventilation, Valves and Fittings, Water hammer, Generator, Transformer, control and instrumentation equipment………etc 

PROJECT NAME : civil work & water & wastewater plant 800 L/S – mahala. 


Client: Water &wastewater company in elghrbia  


DATE: 2016 


Description: includes the design supply, construction, installation, testing, commissioning, completion, operation and maintenance of the following works.  

PROJECT NAME : Elshrouk water treatment (18000m3/day) 


Client : industrial and mining projects authorty   


DATE : 2014  



water treatment plant  


Rising main lines ( raw water, filtered water & sludge ) 

Total capacity 210 L/sec  


Projects under construction